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I have worn hair extensions for 5 years and wanted to try something new. I was recommended to try Hot Heads from a few Cosmetologist friends.

I am a Cosmetologist as well, and I have access to many different suppliers. I got the order placed ($450 wholesale) and once it was received I had the hair put in right away. Hair was horrible from the start. I could have purchased a wig from a Halloween store and it would have looked better.

It shedded so much, I would find piles of hair underneath me if I sat for too long. I called Hot Heads back and tell them the hair is ***. They tell me to ship it back so that they can do a diagnostic on the hair. If they find something wrong they will send me new hair (I would still have to pay for shipping) and if they don’t they will just send the same crappy hair back.

I told them if they plan on sending the bad hair back, then they can just keep it. I have no use for it. Everyone around asked me what happened to my hair. Even pointing out how ratted and tangled my hair was, even my 8 year old niece asked me why my hair didn’t look the same.

It was embarrassing to have it in my hair. I would spend hours every morning straightening it with my GHD flat iron and still could not get it to look good. So I take them out and ship it back at my expense. I ended up putting Babe extensions in, which is the brand I used before venturing out to try something new.

What a night a day difference. I should have just stayed with them all along. They were even half the cost as Hot Heads. A week later I get a voicemail from Hot Heads saying… “Good news, they found nothing wrong with the hair.

We brushed it out for you and are sending it back.” Ummm, how is that good news? And even though I tell them I don’t want it and to keep it, they continue to ship the same hair back to me. I don’t understand how Hot Heads and their employees can feel good about what they do to their consumers. And the end of the day, Hot Heads acted like it was my fault that they sent me bad hair.

My Cosmetologist friends ended up getting bad hair shipped to them with the same problems.

I guess in the last year they changed the way they weave the hair, and the quality is no longer like it use to be.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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San Leandro, California, United States #1222601

Hi my name is Paloma and I have same experience! Please can you tell me what kind a hair you use!

I don't know much a but Extenciones can you help me! My number is 916)595-3152

La Mesa, California, United States #1186684

Hello, I am a hair dresser as well. I was going to get hot heads hair extensions myself.

I did not! Thanks but babe and hot heads are from the same supplier I believe look at them closer.

I'm not sure this is a personal option that I looked up. Do your research .

to Anonymous Overland Park, Kansas, United States #1237107


to Anonymous Overland Park, Kansas, United States #1237109



Please post your review on www.hairextensionmagazine.com. This is a site dedicated to separating the good bad and the ugly hair extension and to help hairdressers and clients who are looking for experienced based feedback.


I had the same issue with remy hair that I purchased through a supplier on ebay and etsy called Hair by Hamo. It was absolute ***.

I love the Babe hair, but it's hard to come by if you're not a stylist.

I do my own hair (easy).

to Anonymous Lexington, Kentucky, United States #1190010

How do you do your own hair? Will they sell the extensions to s none salon?

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1207360

Hair by Hami has amazing reviews yet was the WORST hair I've ever had-looks like doll hair and she then sent me nacho colored hair that was nothing like her pics of what I ordered because of "how I described my hair"...I wanted what I ordered, not what she assumed may work. It was terrible.

She kept trying to make me "happy" but I've never had such bad hair...I've worn extensions for years and the hair by Hamo was not real hair. It wouldn't hold dye and my hairdresser said it is at least spatially synthetic.


This review is exactly what happened with me from start to finish! It's almost as though I wrote the review myself.

Heed this reviewer's warning as well as mine and many others and stay away from this product. Use the Babe extensions instead, I've had excellent luck with them.

You would think with the extensive number of complaints they have received they would either pull their product from the shelves, stop selling them, or refund customers their money. But no, instead they argue with you and refuse to take responsibility.

to Anonymous Roanoke, Virginia, United States #1212209

I had same exact experience beginning to end!


I have them and love them! They look so natural I had one person ask if a colored my hair and a another ask if I list weight.

People knew something was different but could not tell it was extensions. My own sister said, wow your hair had really grown.

I made store to have a wet brush and the use the shampoo sugested. No concerns.


I am trying to find a reputable company other than Hot Heads to sell me replacement tape. The tape ordered online was horrible!

It came loose from the actual extensions and stayed together in my clients hair.

Sandwiching the woven section of hair. At that point it was nearly impossible to remove from my clients hair.

to angel #1108089

Seamless1 has the best tape. Made in the USA, not China! See you go.


Same thing happened to me and customer service at hotheads were completely useless. They told me the same, that the hair was fine.

They would not refund my money and never even returned my call after I tried to contact the head supervisor. I too am going to change to a new type. Their hair quality went extremely down.

The whole experience was very disappointing. I will not be purchasing hot heads ever again.

to Anonymous Walton, Kentucky, United States #1051027

I am new to using extensions and this has been a horrible experience. The hair falls out quickly and the tape will not stay in.

With in days of paying several hundred dollars my hair was horrible looking. I was so excited and then so disappointed after using hot heads.

They have not wanted to help anyone I know and my second set look much worse than the first set I had. Horrible quality and very embarrassing.


Hi, i has the same histoy Koke you.....I had the same story to you, only that I was 16 packs of hair that did not want you to change and I lost my money, grabbed the end he could not put advertising on my page if I had a contract with them and I got lawyers and everything not to reimburse all my lost money in its synthetic hair. Following that, I empower and got a manufacturing in India which distributes me extensions tape hair 100% Hindu, guaranteed that if quality of truth, it is reusable, more than one and a half depending on how you take care because the top is super tough and does not break like theirs.

I am now this hair distributor called SUNDARA INDIAN HAIR EXTENSIONS in Dominican Republic and New York. clients are very satisfied and not have to bother about the poor quality offered me hotheads. Hair extensions come in extensions SUNDARA Tape Sewing and distributes Rossy Hair Extensions can get all the information on social networks.

Their quality is excellent, they do not tangle at all, and the price much cheaper than hotheads who sell expensive and of poor quality. Treat them will not regret.

to Mercedes #1011182






to Mercedes #1037781

Learn how to write. What the ***? You sound retarded.

to Anonymous #1168645

Calling Mercedes retarded is ignorant and cruel. You don't know her circumstances.

You sound IGNORANT!!

Who are you to judge?

to Anonymous Leesburg, Florida, United States #1205756

Judging by the syntax and apparently being from the Dominican Republic, she is probably using a computer translator to switch from Spanish to English. Next time, think before making a snide personal comment. She is still providing potentially helpful information to consumers.

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