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I have worn hair extensions for 5 years and wanted to try something new. I was recommended to try Hot Heads from a few Cosmetologist friends.

I am a Cosmetologist as well, and I have access to many different suppliers. I got the order placed ($450 wholesale) and once it was received I had the hair put in right away. Hair was horrible from the start. I could have purchased a wig from a Halloween store and it would have looked better.

It shedded so much, I would find piles of hair underneath me if I sat for too long. I called Hot Heads back and tell them the hair is ***. They tell me to ship it back so that they can do a diagnostic on the hair. If they find something wrong they will send me new hair (I would still have to pay for shipping) and if they don’t they will just send the same crappy hair back.

I told them if they plan on sending the bad hair back, then they can just keep it. I have no use for it. Everyone around asked me what happened to my hair. Even pointing out how ratted and tangled my hair was, even my 8 year old niece asked me why my hair didn’t look the same.

It was embarrassing to have it in my hair. I would spend hours every morning straightening it with my GHD flat iron and still could not get it to look good. So I take them out and ship it back at my expense. I ended up putting Babe extensions in, which is the brand I used before venturing out to try something new.

What a night a day difference. I should have just stayed with them all along. They were even half the cost as Hot Heads. A week later I get a voicemail from Hot Heads saying… “Good news, they found nothing wrong with the hair.

We brushed it out for you and are sending it back.” Ummm, how is that good news? And even though I tell them I don’t want it and to keep it, they continue to ship the same hair back to me. I don’t understand how Hot Heads and their employees can feel good about what they do to their consumers. And the end of the day, Hot Heads acted like it was my fault that they sent me bad hair.

My Cosmetologist friends ended up getting bad hair shipped to them with the same problems.

I guess in the last year they changed the way they weave the hair, and the quality is no longer like it use to be.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Murrieta Hot Springs, California, United States #703146

This could easily be my post, too. How there are so many "***" as a reaction to this post, as others who have received such a bad quality product is beyond me.

My extensions are blonde. They are so dry and damaged, too. I've used every Kevin Murphy salon product they make, including the GHD flat iron. I've spent well over $800 on my fuzzy dead matted cat fur this month alone.

Sounds like the only thing the company will do is tell you that it is in deed real hair. But it's OVER PROCESSED, DAMAGED hair that is horrible! What a rip off this has been.

I hope others read these posts in time to choose a different brand and learn from our horror stories.

Brandon, Florida, United States #696290

I HH installed 6 days ago. Beautiful for the first three days then I went to salon for a wash and blow out. The extensions look awful. Have totally changed texture and look like matted split doll hair. I'm ticked. I paid $1100 plus $200 tip. My girl did a great job with the install and I was happy to pay for her expertise, but this hair is not good quality. Very disappointed. I love this install method, just wish there was higher quality hair and I wouldn't mind paying for it. I don't understand though. I have 5 year old weft clip ins that look great still. I questioned the quality of HH before my install. But I really wanted to try.

I bought all the salon recommended products for maintenance, but haven't even washed it myself yet. I'm going for another wash/w blow dry tomorrow. I hope they have some answers for me. I really hope they can make it look wonderful again. Tomorrow will be one week I've had them in. I don't get it. They look years old. This is unacceptable.

I've only curled once, don't use spray or product. Only kerastase thermique leave in conditioner and a touch of elixir. I braid at night and brush during the day as needed.

Bummer. What an expensive mistake. What happened HH? :?

to PrettygirlAJ #812532

Did the salon ever get your hair to look good again? I had my hair in for 2 days and it looked just like everyone is describing it, dried matted split ended OLD doll hair/ old Halloween wig.

I went to the hairstylist and she tried to tell me that the hair is supposed to look this way so that it looks REAL!

Yes, this is a horribly expensive mistake and this company should not get away with it. I am looking into a class action suit.


I used Hothead Hair for over a year. I purchased new extensions last Oct.

The hair was horrible. Shedding....frizzy....looked fake was so embarrassed when I look back at my pictures from the holidays. They did replace them; however, when I had the new ones put in my scalp became so sore. I was taking pain meds just to sleep thinking that it would pass.

After a week, removing them.

Oh did I mention that my hair fell out for three months afterward. I know that they claim no hair damage, but my hair is a wreck.

had great hair just wanted it longer...now I just want my old hair back. :cry :(

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #684575

I used hotheads hair extension tape ins for over one year. I wash and take excellent care of them and they do not tangle and have lasted!!

I have worn them way longer than recommended and the tape does slide out I work out very frequently so yes I must glue them in to really stay.....

No they are not inexpensive So for my next round I decided to try" babe "hair extensions which are more affordable but have been a nightmare!!!! They tangle instantly with moisture or any kind of water. I can't imagine going into a public swimming pool! I don't expose my hair to chlorine; however ,these are horrific !

They feel like rubber bands or plastic.

I'm going to call the manufacturer on Monday and see about getting a refund!

Miami, Florida, United States #676365

In an effort to assist you with your concerns we have searched to locate an account with your name and have been unsuccessful. With 25 plus years of offering the finest, handcrafted human hair products we take your claim very seriously.

We would like to try and assist you however, just like every company there is a process. Most other companies won't even guarantee the quality of their products.

Should you truly be a concerned consumer and not a competitor the best way to find a resolution to your issue would be contact our company directly.

to Anonymous #744968

shut the f up. ur products sucks.

deal with it. :roll I am now a customer of great lengths.

to Anonymous Oak Brook, Illinois, United States #745050

I had almost the exact same thing happen except I was the Hairstylist that put them in. I was so excited to use them.

I have done extensions for over 5yrs and this client was one of my first. She had NEVER complained in five years, until I put in hotheads. Three days after we put them in she called and sent me pics of the hair. It reminded me of doll hair.

Cheap doll hair! We called hotheads KNOWING they had said they guarantee their hair. She accused us if treating them horrible and not using the right products. Well the jokes on her because my client did purchase their products and used only those.

Plus, what can you possibly do in three days to destroy them so bad? We sent them back and they called to say they were fine. LIARS! I wouldn't use that hair on my dog!

We were out the money and stuck with horrible useless hair. So NO hotheads. You do not work with clients to keep them happy.

I'm so glad someone had the balls to put this out there. I hope this is the start to Hothead's demise.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #675692

I had the same problem! The extension were beautiful the very first two days before I washed them.

After that they looked like a really matted dogs fur. Especially underneath near my neck. Not to mention the hair came curly, my hair is straight. Which I could have lived with if it were not for it how badly it matted up.

And yes I spent about $100 on products to try to counteract the matting problem. The hair stylist who put them in offered to do a Keratin treatment on them, but I took them out instead. She did inquire about a refund but I can only assume Hot Heads does not give refunds. I will not be satisfied with replacements from them.

I want my $390 which incidentally did not get me enough hair to blend well. So I am making it my mission to put this review anywhere and everywhere I can to cause them to loose business.

Any company that does not stand behind their product, and offer refunds for :( sub-par products is well SUB-PAR!


I'm a master stylist and an extension expert. I have been wearing and doing Hothead for over Five year I switched to them after so cap because they are less damaging and more natural looking hair.

I do a high volume of them, and they have been amazing. I train my clients to care for them and get them to get all the nesasary tools. I have had no complaints until NOW.They changed the packs to half packs and since then the past two months the hair has gone to junk. I'm not saying these are new clients to the Hot heads either, they have all been wearing the hair for over a year.

Now the problems start...

The hair is so knotty that it take a good 30 min to brush after washing and it is sheding ridiculously to where you probably only get one use out of it. I wish they would have kept the hair the way it was because now I have to find a new company.


I love hot heads :grin they are amazing! You need to try the new wet line it's awesome!

Also wet brushes work the best.

If your having issues you not doing what you were told or you weren't told. I still do what I was told not to do just to see and have never had an issue.

to Hot hair #717263

I truly believe this comment and other positive comments about Hot Heads are coming from someone within the Hot Head brand. Or they have not yet experienced the change in quality(or lack of quality) Hot Heads has started to send out this year.

to Bothamfam #744969

Yes! I agree.

I am a NYC Stylist for over 15years. The only quality extensions are Great Lengths. Hot heads is low grade, poor quality hair.

And for the idiots who say they don't damage. Does glue on hair ever sound like a good idea????

to Bothamfam #812533

I second that!

Miami, Florida, United States #654203

I have had the same problem. I have worn Hot Heads for years and the last two batches I have purchased have been ***!!!!!

I am also a cosmetologist and have had many different techniques. I am so frustrated by their policy on returns. I have worked with many companies and they have all been very reasonable if their product was bad. I can't see spending $500.00 and not getting a superior product.

I will be looking for a new line at the Orlando Hair show. Sorry Hot Heads but you are not a company I can do business with if you can not back your product when their are problems.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #642594

I totally agree with bothamfam! These extensions are terrible and have ruined my hair!!

Some have ripped out my hair they were attached to and others have fallen out because the adhesive pealed apart. Besides that... They shed like crazy, the ends split, the hair gets so tangled so easily, etc.... It has been a nightmare!!!!

It will take my hair over a year to recover from this ***!

Awful product! I'm very disappointed!!!

to Nothappy!!! Dallas, Texas, United States #747137

Hi. I have been going through a terrible round of Telogen effluvium (increased shedding for 4 months after a life-threatening encounter.) This is not the first time I have been through this.

The first time it lasted 4 months, I got great extensions, the end. This time at the 4 month mark, I was talked into hotheads. My hair has been shedding double what it had been prior to the install. Does anyone think its mainly the hotheads hair?

I have been miserable and depressed since I got them, because I fear I'm just going to go bald. Finding this complaint forum has literally changed my attitude. If anyone can reassure me this is the hothead hair, please do.

I'm talking about at least 200 hairs a day. (I have a lot of pieces in.)

to Anonymous #747536

Yes, I shedded that much with the Hot Heads product and it wasn't my hair it was the extensions. I would leave behind piles of hair in my bathroom from shedding and had to de-clog my drain in the shower several times.

to Anonymous #747701

Thank you. I feel better now.

New York, New York, United States #641118

I agree with the other comment. I LOVE HotHeads.

These quality extensions have truly changed my life for the better. I'm a model/actress and I have been booking work like crazy since my baby-fine shoulder length blonde hair was transformed into an ocean of gold that cascades halfway down my back. I think it's important to make sure you go to a properly trained extensions stylist, and to take care of your hair... because once it's on your head, it is YOUR hair.

It requires proper TLC.

Brush your hair, gurrrrrl! ;-) j/k Um, not really.

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