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I have worn hair extensions for 5 years and wanted to try something new. I was recommended to try Hot Heads from a few Cosmetologist friends.

I am a Cosmetologist as well, and I have access to many different suppliers. I got the order placed ($450 wholesale) and once it was received I had the hair put in right away. Hair was horrible from the start. I could have purchased a wig from a Halloween store and it would have looked better.

It shedded so much, I would find piles of hair underneath me if I sat for too long. I called Hot Heads back and tell them the hair is ***. They tell me to ship it back so that they can do a diagnostic on the hair. If they find something wrong they will send me new hair (I would still have to pay for shipping) and if they don’t they will just send the same crappy hair back.

I told them if they plan on sending the bad hair back, then they can just keep it. I have no use for it. Everyone around asked me what happened to my hair. Even pointing out how ratted and tangled my hair was, even my 8 year old niece asked me why my hair didn’t look the same.

It was embarrassing to have it in my hair. I would spend hours every morning straightening it with my GHD flat iron and still could not get it to look good. So I take them out and ship it back at my expense. I ended up putting Babe extensions in, which is the brand I used before venturing out to try something new.

What a night a day difference. I should have just stayed with them all along. They were even half the cost as Hot Heads. A week later I get a voicemail from Hot Heads saying… “Good news, they found nothing wrong with the hair.

We brushed it out for you and are sending it back.” Ummm, how is that good news? And even though I tell them I don’t want it and to keep it, they continue to ship the same hair back to me. I don’t understand how Hot Heads and their employees can feel good about what they do to their consumers. And the end of the day, Hot Heads acted like it was my fault that they sent me bad hair.

My Cosmetologist friends ended up getting bad hair shipped to them with the same problems.

I guess in the last year they changed the way they weave the hair, and the quality is no longer like it use to be.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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to HotHeads Beauty #642032

You really don't think I brush my hair? I take really good care of my hair.

With the extensions in from Hot Heads I had to carry a brush with me and was constantly brushing to keep them untangled. Tell me when have you last ordered from them? Have you ordered from them recently? My hair stylist had been using Hot Heads for 3 years!!!

Her whole salon was trained for Hot Heads from Hot Heads directly. She was embarrassed because she was the one who suggested I switched to Hot Heads. Then when it was a bad batch that I received she was shocked and told me I was just unlucky of the batch of hair I got and that it has always been good for her other clients. Then another stylist in her salon had the same experiece with his client as I did.

He sent it back and they gave him a refund for his client but he only received just over $200 of the $500 he spend back. Then a few weeks after my experience my hair stylist put some in another client who she had been doing Hot Head extensions on for the past 2 years, she was changing out her current Hot Heads for longer ones. Lo and behold her hair was just as terrible as mine. My stylist had the same experience as me in getting a new set of hair.

They told her the same thing that nothing was wrong with it. Nevertheless, she closed her account with them and will no longer use them again. She is switching all her clients over to a new brand. I didn't order my hair through my stylist because I work for another salon in the area that does the Babes, so I used my license to buy my own.

And we both ended with the same experience. If you have never had extensions before, you may not realize the quality difference between brands. I can see how you would think Hot Heads is great if that is all you have used. Like I said, I have worn extensions for 5 years and know a thing or two about extensions.

I have gone from wefts, to beads, to tapes and have used 4 different brands. I also went to the New York IBS show just last week and compared all the brands. Hot heads ranked in the bottom with the stylist that helped me analyze which brand is best. The funny part is the staff at the Hot Heads booth all had matted, tangled hair.

So I guess they think that look is normal with extensions. Other booths also had some negative things to say about Hot heads at the show.

I actually found 3 brands of extensions that even rank higher than the Babes. If you ever would like to stray away fro Hot Heads I would be willing share those brands with you.

to bothamfam Hartford, Connecticut, United States #698418

This post was so useful as I have been having issues with hotheads for a the last couple months. The quality of their hair is horrible now.

I own a salon and I am having a hard time finding a company that offers tape extensions at a comparable price to hot heads but I want better quality. Would you mind sharing what brands you have found that work better for you? I would really appreciate it!!

thank you so much!! :)

to bothamfam Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #725406

You know what's crazy I actually use SALLYS yes SALLYS extensions right now. I have the keratin fusions BUT I'm sure they may have started making the tape ins...

This hair is awesome beaitoful quality my hair looks great.. Barely sheds... I love it! I was shocked after I has ordered very expensive extensions how awesome these turned out...

I've had them in since July! :) and this girl is crazy saying to brush your hair, girl that's people's complaint the hair is ultra shedding when being brushed!!

Or just sitting there! Lol

to bothamfam Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #774786

You have been very helpful. I just ordered my third set of Hotheads in December 2013.

I wanted them for the holidays. It is the worst batch of extentions I ever had. I agree with the other reviews that it went to *** when they switched to half packs. It took only an hour of wearing them before they started to tangle and knot.

The tabs were much stiffer than usual and half fell out. At first I thought maybe it was my hair tangling in with them because I have blonde hair that was a over processed. I took them out, cutt off my hair and had my stylist reapply them. I chopped my hair off for nothing!

The Hothead were again a mess. I spent a lot of money and I really dont want to take them out( especially now that I have short hair) but I look rediculous. All the brushing in the world is not keeping the knots out. It's an embarrasing birds nest.

I have been researching other brands but I'm afraid to get burned again.

I would really appreciate your opinion on what I should purchase. Thanks so much.

to dvafisher #774886

Do you feel like the ones u bought in dec. shed?

to bothamfam #817896

Can anyone recommend the best hair extensions for fine hair, or even better, a solution for thinning/balding top of the head and crown area?


I wear these extensions, can't live without them. you can't blame a company for you not brushing them out.

come on... everyone knows Babes quality is shot, not even on the same level as Hotheads. As long as you're frequently brushing you should be fine. I mistreat mine to the max, i go to bed with my hair wet and sometimes don't brush for a day or two at a time.

thats when you'll encounter matting or tangling---- like YOUR OWN hair would do. it's not magic hair... its human hair.

Take that into consideration. :p

to hotheads girl ;) Detroit, Michigan, United States #694499

Seriously? Frequent brushing??

I have worn Babe extensions for 2 years - I style my hair in the morning and never brush my hair again all day. I'm a legal professional, so I don't have time to brush my hair "frequently". My hair looks basically the same way I styled it all day long. Babe's tape in extensions are incredible, my only complaint might be they get dried out if you flat iron/curl a ton.

Nothing Moroccan Oil cannot fix.

Frequent brushing, LMAO, I remember carrying a hairbrush around with me in high school. Then I grew up!

to hotheads girl ;) New York, New York, United States #744971

Not on the same level as what? CHEAP! :(

to hotheads girl ;) Oak Brook, Illinois, United States #745047

Brushing has nothing to do with it if the hair is *** to begin with. Plus, how can you tell someone to brush their hair when you admit you treat yours like ***?

Hotheads has just turned into a bad company.

The End.

to Upset with Hotheads #747330

Hi. I have been going through a terrible round of Telogen effluvium (increased shedding for 4 months after a life-threatening encounter.) This is not the first time I have been through this.

The first time it lasted 4 months, I got great extensions, the end. This time at the 4 month mark, I was talked into hotheads. My hair has been shedding double what it had been prior to the install. Does anyone think its mainly the hotheads hair?

I have been miserable and depressed since I got them, because I fear I'm just going to go bald. Finding this complaint forum has literally changed my attitude. If anyone can reassure me this is the hothead hair, please do.

I'm talking about at least 200 hairs a day. (I have a lot of pieces in.)

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