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Update by user Jul 04, 2016

I want a refund for the hair and for them to know I will and always have been a loyal customer. I also need them to know what their stylists need to represent properly the product and reputation it was a horrible experience

Original review posted by user Jul 03, 2016

It was time to get my HOT HEADS renewed and I went to a Salon In Grapevine Texas.I paid 890 to have new extensions ordered and asked for the 18-20 inch.

I arrived to the salon on April 1st and extensions were laying on the table. I looked at the package and it said HAIR TALK I questioned Michelle as to why the package said HAIR TALK and she proceeded to tell me it was the exact same thing and HOT HEADS developed this new line. She then placed the extensions on my hair and trimmed it up. It was really dark in her area (solo hair rooms).

I got outside and looked at the color and it seemed okay- when I got home I called to let her know I was not happy that they length seemed shorter and it was more like layers. I was not happy, all she kept saying was I can move the layers on bottom to the top??? What?

I was right in the middle of moving and figured I could wear a hat until I could go back in.

I washed the hair a week after and it got REALLY frizzy, nothing like what I have ever experienced EVER. I called salon again and told her the extensions after one wash were TERRIBLE.

Once again she said well I can look at them but Hot hair talk is part of Hot heads BLAH she never once offered solutions or said come in we will look and order new if needed. NOPE she acted as if I were crazy and Hair talk was hot heads. First off I paid for HOT HEADS not Hair talk second the length was incorrect third this person was a terrible knowing as a single mom and a child in hospital the 890 was a huge leap for me. She did nothing but supply a letter from HOT HEADS showing HAIR TALK is now part of the company??????Then to have clown hair a week after them being put in?

I contacted my attorney and they are working on a case with Salon person. I really just wanted my money back. I had to find a reputable person that ordered the CORRECT product and pay another huge chunk to even make it to a sales meeting.

I asked for the HAIR back I will include pictures- I paid 890.00 and will supply copies of receipts if someone will try to remedy this I would truly appreciate it.It is very sad that my trust in a product I have used and loved for years has had this terrible situation.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of hotheads hair extension from Hotheads and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1680 and wants Hotheads to "i would like to be fully refunded for the hair that was terrible (890) then i had to repurchase correct hair so i will let company propose a final solution because i have been a loyal customer for a couple of years spending thousands".

The most disappointing in user's experience was quality and out of pocket for something that was not my fault. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Twinsburg, Ohio, United States #1253456

Hotheads and hairtalk are the same thing...

Campbell, California, United States #1196746

Hot Heads is now Hair Talk, they rebranded their company.I am a hairstylist and FYI you may have paid $850 for the hair but that isn't money your hairstylist made, that money went to the hair she ordered on your behalf.

Why should your hairstylist be out the money you paid as your now having buyers remorse. It's not the hairstylist fault that you as a single mom with a child in the hospital decided to spend almost a grand on extensions and you feel she took advantage of you. Really? It sounds like your trying to take advantage of your stylist.

When I install extensions they do have to be blended with your own hair to look natural.

To preserve the length of the extensions that results in layers (from the ending length of your hair to the ends of the extensions). Also as each extension is say 18" in length as they are installed up your head it will create layers.

I'm sure before your stylist color matched you before the order was placed if the extensions match the swatch and you agreed it matched at the consultation then how do they not match now?

I hope you bought the home care products recommended for your extensions and not some cheap shampoo.

If you did and they are poor quality then I would reach out to Hair Talk directly or ask your stylist if she could reach out to Hair Talk.If you really think it's a different company call Hair Talk or Hot Heads and ask.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1253458

I appreciate your comments however I have had hotheads for 4 years prior to this and have never had issues.

I also have all products to care for them and since this issue I have had no issues since with a new stylist

There was absolutely no validation to your comments.

Very hurtful given the fact I needed them after being hospitalized and lost hair

Being a single mom is tough but this was a medical issue and your comments are not valid.

A company should make things right when product is terrible after you spent that kind of money. Has nothing to do with anything else.

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